My son is growing up among girls – my friends’ daughters. The dynamic of  playdates is an interesting one to observe. 2 of the girls are already discussing marriage plans, to which Misha graciously says: “Ok, whatever you say.” He is constantly reminded to be careful, because they are girls, share and be nice, because they are girls. I try very hard to raise him with an awareness that girls are not for hitting, or kicking, or boxing with. The stuff that you can do with boys, you just can’t do with girls. It’s a double standard that I’ve been drilling into his head for a few years now. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his girl friends, and they definitely love him back.

This weekend I observed him playing with 2 boys. They were digging. They were running, they were shooting each other with pretend guns, they were monsters, bad guys, cops and firefighters. They got wet and dirty, and rolled on the ground. They dragged mud inside the house. They might’ve broken a couple things. I might’ve had a few heart attacks. But Misha had a blast. Now I understand why my husband needs “guy” time with his friends once in a while. Too much estrogen. 🙂


– Mom, you know, Earth is the best planet to live on. All these other planets have all that stuff on them. I don’t ever want to move from Earth.

(Awww. Because we were looking at a couple of places on Mars, but the taxes are just astronomical there.)


– Misha, did you buckle up?

– No.

– How many times do I have to tell you to do it??!!

– But, Mom… I told the truth!

Summer love

Here’re some things I love about summer this year:

1. Misha getting a TON of fresh air.

2. Grilling (aka: husband making dinner)

3. Water slide!!!

4. Tomatoes growing in our backyard.

5. Pretty flowers.

What do you love about summer?

Target Meltdown

This morning I decided that I needed to face the reality of my child growing up. So, I went to Target. And bought him school supplies. Oh, man. For a first grader, he sure will need a lot of stuff. I was going down the long list that included 2 boxes of Kleenex and a roll of paper towels. I guess, he will get dirty, makes sense. Notebooks, folders, markers, crayons… Check. Glue sticks, scissors… Check. One freaked out Mom. Check.

So, I had a little moment with the check out lady. She was nice. She said, wow, shopping for school supplies already? And I might’ve told her that it is my first time, and how can my little baby be going to school already, and I am not emotionally prepared for it. Something along those lines, I don’t remember. I don’t know if she has kids or not, but she seemed to understand. Or maybe she just thought, ok weirdo, take your bags and go.

No longer 5

I have a 6 year old child. It’s hard to even say out loud, because he was just a baby, what, yesterday? He is almost a teenager. Well, not really. But 6 is a big number. He will be going to first grade in August. On a school bus. With me driving behind it. I’m kidding. Well, not really. 🙂

The Birthday was a blast. I will need to have a separate post about all his Birthday celebrations, but I’ll do a quick recap. First year was just a cute baby boy theme. Second year was Thomas the Train. Third was the year of the Monkey Birthday – it was a fun one to decorate for. Then we had Backyardigans for year 4. Last year was Cat in the Hat. And this year, for his sixth Birthday, we had Sonic the Hedgehog.

It was hard finding the decorations for this party. Ebay came in handy, but even there wasn’t much to choose from. Not a lot of kids are into Sonic these days. Not sure how Misha got into him. But we made it work, and the child was impressed and happy. The police sneakers were a big hit, just like all the other awesome gifts he got.

But now I have to face the fact that he is no longer 5, which you can still find in the toddler section of some stores. Moving on to the big boys department, wish me luck.

– Mom, when you saw Dad, you fell in love with him?

– Yes, but he had to work hard, too – be nice to me, buy me flowers.

– I know what you mean, Mom. Women are so hard to deal with…


I am sure you used them at school. We all did. They are a great tool for those hard to memorize facts. They are small, convenient, and practical.

But on a flip side (pun intended), I bet you’ve never wondered what a pain they are to create. Unless, maybe you have. Then you need to get a life. And soon. 🙂

So, for the past month, I have been working on creating flashcards. There’re stacks of hundreds of them. There’re many stacks. There’re many, many pages of flashcards. Ask me anything about addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. I can answer in my sleep. I am finishing up this long project, and I am so happy.

Next time you are using flashcards, think of me. Of the labor, of hours and hours spent plugging in those numbers.

Don’t take flashcards for granted, people!