Pajama Party

My husband was away on a business trip last week. As a tradition, when that happens, Misha is allowed to have a “pajama party” with me. A party consists of us wearing our pajamas, him watching cartoons, and sleeping in my room. However, I have a new addiction called Mad Men. So, in order to watch 3 episodes in a row, uninterrupted, on Tuesday night I cancelled the “pajama party”.

-That’s NOT fair!!!

Yeah, I know. But Mommy needs to watch Mad Men. You understand, right? He didn’t, he was a “mad man” as he closed the door behind him.

2 episodes later, I was getting pretty tired. I turned off the TV, and tried to fall asleep. Something was missing.

I got up, went into Misha’s room and tried to pick him up. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done that. The kid got heavy!! Somehow, I managed to get a good grip on him, so I carried him to my room.

I know I will miss this so much in a few years. Him wanting to hang out with me, our “pajama parties”. He smiled at me in the morning, and we were friends again.


Good old days

You know how sometimes you catch a glimpse of that person in the supermarket. The one whose email you didn’t return (umm, 8 months ago). You start to secretly hope they didn’t notice you, and you linger behind the aisle as you watch them walk through the store. Not very mature, but it works.

So, I decided that this is what I am going to do here. Pretend I didn’t just abandon this blog, and hope that no one notices.

It’s been a busy school year so far. Homework, spelling, reading and Rocket Math are taking their toll on me. I am so done with first grade. Not to mention all the swimming, music, and tennis lessons we signed him up for. Because we are over-achieving parents, and we only have one child to focus our energy on.

On our ride to the music lesson, Misha said to me: “I miss the good old days.”

You have no idea, kid.

It happened. We got up, ate breakfast and went to the bus stop. Misha got on the bus and went to school.

Easy, right? Oh, man. It wasn’t easy. For me. Misha was fine, he was so excited, he’s been waiting for this all summer. He had his new backpack, with a new lunch bag inside it. He didn’t even look back walking up the stairs on that bus.

I was so proud of him. But my heart broke a little. He will be fine, without me. He doesn’t really need me to hold his hand.

One of the neighbors gave me a hug. I must’ve looked like I needed it. It was nice to know that she’s done this bus thing before, and she survived.

First day went good. Misha made a friend, a boy who likes Power Rangers. Perfect! “Can you believe we get pizza for lunch on some days, Mom?!”

It’s bittersweet, this school thing.


Trying to tune out 3 hyper children running around my house. Overhearing bits of their conversation.

My niece: “A Princess never gives up!”

My nephew:  “Not fair, you have more things than me, Michael!”

Misha: “You should’ve got them first.”

Nephew: “NOT FAIR!! I want them!”

Misha: “Mooooom!!!”

Niece: “Those crazy boys.”

Just a suggestion

– Misha, go upstairs and brush your teeth.


– Misha, I said go upstairs. Now.


– Are you listening to me?? This is the last time I am telling you this!!!

He is lifting up his head, looking around:

– What are you suggesting for me to do, Mom?

Summer Un-learning

So, it’s August. Which means in about 3 weeks my baby is going to first grade. I plead guilty – we learned nothing this summer, and we probably forgot what we knew before.

No, I take it back. Some things we did learn. Like how to plant tomatoes. And how to help Dad fix things (mostly holding the tools for him). Making new friends, running around outside, riding the bike, splashing in the pool – those are all very valuable skills, right?

I know, I know. It’s just so hard with the nice weather. No excuse. We need to start reading again, practice those math skills, and buy a new lunch bag.

We’ll start tomorrow… Or the day after. 🙂

Because I haven’t seen much of him lately. I have a strong suspicion that he might be a workaholic. Do they have support groups for that?

Anyway, I am parenting solo lately. My Mom helps a lot, so I shouldn’t be complaining too much. But it’s my blog, so I can complain if I want to.

Sometimes I just need someone else to tell Misha to brush his teeth (for the hundredth time), or take him to his extra-curricular activities. Read him a book. Practice his piano lesson with him. Just everyday stuff.

If you see my husband, tell him that we miss him. A lot.

P.S. I read this and decided to add that when he is home, he is great, and can fix everything around the house that starts breaking as soon as he leaves. I know he will read this. 🙂